I never read comics when I was a kid. When I was a teen I despised comics because I thought it's for children and nerds (yeah, I called them nerds while myself waiting for a letter from Hogwarts). Comics and graphic novels are not that popular in Ukraine, so I had no idea about the potential of the medium.

But I fell in love with comics when I took a class of Graphic Novel Illustration at OCAD. I started reading graphic novels, and also writing and illustrating my own. I'm still working on a bigger graphic novel which I hope to publish one day. 


(4 pages including 1 double page spread)


(1 page, autobiographical)


And this one I did for a Young Canadian Scholarship which I won, oh my God, I am so proud of myself. I think it was my first comics ever and I did it way before I took that class I mentioned


A page from another comic I'm working on

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