I was drawing all my life, but I never though I am talented enough to pursue a career in art. I've chosen Graphic design faculty because it seemed like a nice compromise for someone kind of artistic but not really. I continued drawing and painting without calling myself an artist.

But one day I talked to a man in Starbucks who was sitting there with a huge album and drawing really good figurative sketches. He told me that he also graduated from OCAD but didn't have enough skill, so he decided to study at Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. Now he works as a concept artist.

I wrote the school's name, but didn't think that I can afford another school. About 6 month later I decided to google this Academy and arrange an appointment. I loved the Academy from the first sight. It teaches realist drawing and painting same way as it was taught in 18th century French art schools. I'm doing things I thought I could never do. Now I understand it's not talent one needs, but hours and hours of boring, tiring work. I'm not planning to be a realist painter, but I am learning the basic knowledge that I need to stand out and to extend my artistic possibilities.

Here are some of my work I did at ARA.

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