These are the comic style illustrations I did for a company BeautySoClean that specializes on makeup sanitization products. The superhero characters are the embodiment of the products, and the stories demonstrate their powers. 

Christmas post

The first character I did was SuperClean which is the new brush cleaner. She was a worker at the BSC labs when she accidentally fell into the Flash Accelerator while creating formulas for Major Brands Worldwide. This accident resulted into gaining SuperClean powers. She can instantly and safely remove high pigment oily matter from all the makeup brushes. She was the first character I created and this illustration was used for the exhibition backdrop. 

SuperClean is a modern woman who wears a lot of makeup, bright colors, and she is a glam girl all the way. She also wears a makeup belt. She is holding the SuperClean product in her hand but she can use her powers as well as the product. 

This is a page for exhibition catalogue that I did. It has the BeautySoClean logo and booth number, SuperClean origin story and an illustration of the comic version of the exhibition. 

The illustration below depicts the BSC booth will all the future superheroes standing there and showing their products to the excited crowd. SuperClean is flying around helping customers to clean their brushes. And on the back you can also see the IMATS stage with another BSC character, Captain Wipeout. 

"SuperClean is here to solve all of your brush cleaning problems! High pigment? Glitter stuck on your makeup brushes? They stand no chance against the hero power of SuperClean - POW!"

This is an instagram post I did to explain SuperClean powers of cleaning and sanitizing makeup brushes. 

Another Instagram post that shows that SuperClean powers are applicable to high stress situations like a fashion show. Makeup artists applying makeup to models need to keep their tools clean, and SuperClean is there to help!

Introducing the Queen BSC the Iconic. She was born into the world ofMakeup Artistry. The Queen is proven to remove HygieneHEX from the Universe in 10 seconds. Her powers are invisible, she canfly through the air with supersonic speed and destroy all the germs and bacterias in one spray. 

The Instagram post of the Queen who represents the cosmetic sanitizer mist. She runs the Cosmetic World and protects it against all the germs and bacterias. 

The Instagram post demonstrating our heroes working on sanitizing a makeup store. 

Hyper Iconic is born from the Queen and summonedfor anything that residue sticks to. He have similar powers of TheIconic but can concur residue and grime like no other with one swipeof a wipe. He represents the Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes.

The Hyper Iconic post, demonstrating his powers solving all grime issues with his fire.

SuperClean and Hyper Iconic battling brushes lipsticks woes. 

Introducing Captain Wipeout who represents the Wipeout Brush Cleaner. The secret ingredient is the sea salt from the depths of the ocean, which has entered his body and gave him the strongest tsunami powers to glide through anything especially makeup brushes. He usually glides on a surfboard and his cape resembles a towel. 

Captain Wipeout Instagram post. 

"A dramatic tidal wave has changed my life forever, one day ...on the beach surfing I was taken over unexpectedly by the tropical storm Super Sea Salt."

SuperClean and Captain Wipeout are out cleaning up on a beach vacation.

Introducing the Glitter Girl who represents our LashSoClean False Eyelash Cleaning kit. 

Glitter Girl Instagram post. 

"Keeping your false eyelashes has never been as simple and convenient as using LashSoClean!"

SuperClean and Glitter Girl team up for any big event you might have coming up!

Introducing Angel - she represents the Conditioning Brush Cleanser. She protects sensitive skin while battling germs and bacterias that lurk in your brushes. 

Angel Instagram post. 

A post of Beautycon New York. 

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